Friday, November 02, 2012

28 days to go

The biggest constant in my dreams centers around houses. While dreams have to happen somewhere, what I mean is that many of my dreams are about the actual house or houses. The most common occurrences are the house I grew up in, my Grandparents' house in New York state, and the Log House. They are about the rooms, the stairs, showing people around the houses, and so many other scenarios. I find that fact very interesting, and I wonder why it happens and why houses are so important to me.

The impact of houses to me stretches outside of my sleeping world. Both of my books (I'm hoping to have the second one out in time for Christmas) center around a specific house. A few years ago, I even wrote a basic outline for another book based on the living room of the Log House. Interesting, huh?

In keeping with this thought process, and copying Kimmy's great idea to include a picture every day of NaBloPoMo, here's a few pics from the Log House:


Blogger Adrienne said...

My dad had a theory on dreams. He always said the house, sprcifically the individual rooms, were your spiritual life.

He could explain it eloquently... I certainly can't. ;)

I have a few house dream stories of my own. Usually they're the only dreams I remember.

2:27 AM  
Blogger Kimmy said...

Every dream I have that takes place in a house, is always the house I grew up in. It doesn't matter the dream, or who is in it, it's always my childhood home.

2:31 PM  

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