Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Memories and updates and such

Today - one year ago today - I left for the Appalachian Trail. Seems hard to believe that was a whole year ago. And seems even harder to fully recollect the intensity of what my life went through the next two months between the AT, the mind-stretching, breaking my foot, my Dad dying, getting engaged, and then moving to North Carolina. I still shake my head sometimes at the intensity of those few months and how it all turned out.

The wedding is at the forefront of all thoughts these days. The dress has been purchased, food planned, bridesmaid dresses decided, website up, and discussions of honeymoon destinations. It's a whirlwind sometimes but oh such a happy time.

My Mom and my sister and her family are coming down this week from Ohio to visit. That will be the third visit by people from Ohio in four weeks. While it's been fun to have visitors, every dang time we get a visit from Ohio folk, we get ugly weather. I swear they're bringing this garbage down with them.

I've been wrestling with a lot of stuff at work. I've written three or four posts on the topic but have refrained from putting them on ELEVEN for various reasons. For the first time in my career I'm not hitting my goals, I'm not confident in the company I work for, and I have this uneasy feeling every morning I walk into my bank. I'm way too stubborn to give up, which may end up being my downfall, but I'm still fighting hard to make this specific job work. Don't mistake this for my usual struggle I sometimes have with being a Banker, but a much more specific struggle.

Adrienne asked for a health/weight update...... Well, I feel like I've hit a plateau. I have hovered around sixty pounds total lost for three months now. I (we) have made healthy, organic eating a lifestyle, and the exercise we do is pretty standard, so it's not surprising to have hit a flat spot. Realizing that I'm still twenty pounds from where I want to be by the wedding, Alli and I are amping up our exercise time and routines so that we make the next hundred days as effective as we can. I'm still pretty happy that I'm as healthy as I am compared to three years ago, but I'm ready to make it even more impressive.

I'm off to get ready for work.


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