Friday, November 11, 2011


Well, it has arrived..... The best day ever invented. :)

To commemorate the event, here's a list of a few things in my life that include the number eleven:

To start with, it's my favorite number and something I say almost every day
The name of this blog
The beginning of the Perseids meteor shower (August 11)
My Dr. Grabow "Special 11" pipe
My Nate King "Irish-Dane 11-11" pipe
My CPS 2010 POY (Pipe of the Year), stamped number 11 of 50
The title (11:11) of a CD by one of my favorite musical artists, Rodrigo Y Gabriela
The amount of years I've been in the Finance Industry
Name of Jack Iron's band
The year I met my Lady
The size of my work shoes
Part of my Grandfather's favorite saying: "Forty-Eleven"
My phone extension at work

There's many, many other things throughout my life that have included the number eleven, and all of them have been good. I feel like I should make this post a hundred eleven lines long, but for now I'm going back to enjoying the whole day with my Lady. :)


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