Thursday, July 27, 2006


I just got home form taking the youth group to the Drive-In to see the new Pirates movie and Cars. I forgot how much I love going to the Drive-In. Even though I had almost 50 kids to worry about and it rained on us during the second movie, it was so much fun! A couple of the older ones talked about going up again tomorrow (I guess it would be today) to see the "Lady in the Water" movie, but it probably won't happen. Just as well, that would make two really late nights in a row. I don't think Ell could handle that. She actually brought her work clothes with her to the church and went straight to work at 2:30. Then she goes straight from work to her Chemistry class. She is absolutely amazing. I don't how she does it. I am so proud of her! Well, enough of the mushy stuff. I'm going home and going to bed!


Blogger Adrienne said...

My husband wouldn't be able to find anything nice to say about me if that's how much sleep I was getting!

And chemistry class? I admire anyone brave enough to take on the sciences. I did teach a sixth grade science class for a couple of weeks, once upon a time. It was a lot of fun - it was the first time I ever enjoyed science. That was sixth grade though...not chemistry.

Finally, I don't think anyone ever comments, but I think we all enjoy Friday Funnies, I know I do. (Hint) Yesterday was Thursday and tomorrow is Saturday.

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