Thursday, June 21, 2007

A season as a herbivore

Tuesday night I did AYCE wings at Quaker Steak & Lube in Boardman with Andrew, Lyndsay, Brad, and Ell. I've decided to do the vegetarian thing again this summer, and I figured what better way to end my carnivorous ways than to down forty chicken wings. The weird part is, I ended last summer's no-meat-for-two-months by going to AYCE at the Lube. My stomach didn't have quite the same adverse reaction it did that time, for obvious reasons. A little different than last year is that I'm going to do it this year for the entire calendar season of summer. So from yesterday through September 23rd I am meat free.

Why? No real reason. Being a vegetarian isn't a huge stretch for me; I'm not much of a meat eater anyway. Especially in summer, when there's so much food to be enjoyed out of the garden. Plus I just like to test myself. See if the 'ol willpower is still up to snuff. Seven years ago this August, I quit drinking pop. (Soda for you folks outside of Ohio.) No real reason besides it annoyed me that pop only makes you more thirsty instead of actually quenching thirst. So I just quit. I had a Mountain Dew on my birthday, and haven't touched the stuff in seven years. And McDonald's... I dropped all fast-food last year for Lent with Brad, and after that was over I had zero cravings for McDonald's. I went back to eating at other places, but MiccyD's never made it back on the list. It's fun to see people's reactions when I say I never drink pop or eat at McDonald's or any of the other stuff people just assume is part of being an American. Many people just couldn't imagine completely cutting something out of their diet. You should try it, it's kinda liberating.

I'm off to have my PB&J. I forgot how much I loved those things.


Blogger Adrienne said...

I like meat...I don't think I'd like giving it up. I've given other things up and after you decide(I guess everything is mental, huh?) it's not so hard. It's just making a genuine committment from the get-go.

You do get funny looks when you drink "pop" around here. I used to think saying "soda" sounded so weird...but now I can go either way.

YOu can't really eat a good PB&J around here because all the bread in the state is stale. I'm serious. It's very sad.

Finally, a quick survey - if I may make use of eleven in such a way.

When your carpet is dirty and you are going to use the little machine to get up the dirt, crumbs, etc. (not scrubbing it with water) what do you call it? I'm going to ________ the carpet.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

I grew up with my Mom saying SWEEP the carpet. But Ell and I usually say VACUUM the carpet. We normally only use the word sweep when we're using a broom.

11:55 AM  
Blogger kimw said...

I'm with Sam. Vacuum the carpet, sweep the driveway (with the broom).

Sam, I've been having salads using the lettuce I grew. Delicious!

4:44 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Vacuum when saying..."I need to vacuum the carpet." But in past tense I always say..."I swept the carpet." not "I vacuumed the carpet." Kinda strange now that I think about it.

12:38 AM  
Blogger 3rd string's finest said...

Sam, I couldn't become a vegitarian if my life depended on it. But I do love my vegitables. You're right. I haven't had anything carbonated since Andrew, Brad, Lyndsay and I decided to try the whole, no-pop-thing. It IS liberating.

I say sweep the carpet....only because I don't have a vacuum, and literally sweep it. Though, from sweeping it for so long I will probably always say sweep. on a side note-If you use the older late 80's-90's circa vacuums, you are, in fact sweeping the carpet because most of the vacuums had that little sweeper underneath witch kicked the objects up to be sucked into the machine. Something to think about.

1:21 PM  

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