Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stop raining already

Well, it's been raining for about four days straight now in NE Ohio. For the last two days all the counties around us have been under flood warnings. A town about 20 minutes from us was under water all day yesterday. There's been something like 6-8 inches of rain overall. Way too much. I've always said I'd rather have a drought than too much rain. At least in a drought you can use saved rainwater to water the garden and then you can control the ever-so-important ground moisture. With rain there's no control over anything. But I trust God will take care to not starve us this winter. Even though this hasn't been the best garden we've ever had, it's still better than most other's I've seen. (He brags to himself.)

Last week I planted some of my fall/winter crops and I'm really worried they're going to rot in the ground. I had a little comfort this evening as I walked through and saw the second planting of Lacinto Kale starting to come up. "Little Green Sprouts" as Kim likes to call them. A funny little fact about any leafy vegetable: when the sprouts come up they all look like a little four leaf clover which are actually only two leaves that each look like a little butt. No matter what species of plant and no matter what variety, they all look the same.

My biggest worry is the carrots. They really don't like wet soil, and they take at least two weeks to show themselves. The ground is way too wet to sow right now and by the time it dries out it'll be too late to plant a second time. So I'll just have to wait and see what happens.


Blogger kimw said...

Ah, yes. I love the Little Green Sprouts! They're so hopeful :)

The rain killed my cucumber vines. I checked on my plants, and they're all dead and crunchy. Poor things. Before the rain, they were all doing well. My tomato plants aren't looking so hot after the rain, either. Oh well. I got lots of tomatoes this year, and I got to make a huge batch of salsa.

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