Thursday, November 06, 2008

Day six

So... blog followers. I had a conversation with a fellow blogger the other day about the new blogroll listings. You know, the ones that show each name on your roll and the last time they posted? They've been around awhile and used to be called blog readers; now they're a nice little add-on which made them more convenient. Either way, I love 'em. This other blogger asked me why I didn't add that feature to my site, and went on to explain the ease of use it would be with a long list like mine.

The reason I don't is quite simple. I have a lot of friends and family who don't have high speed Internet connections. Without that speed, additional items or pictures on the home page which require loading end up slowing the whole blogging process. Even though it's a great addition, I've been places trying to blog (even with wi-fi that's too crowded) where the slow load ups ruined the whole experience. I don't want anyone to have a bad experience on my site, so I've decided (for now) not to add blog followers.

In other news, our realtor is having our first open house this weekend. So if you want to come roam around our house and stick your nose into places you wouldn't while we were there, here's your chance. Since they don't suggest you be home during the open house hours, I think we may brave the colder temps and go for a hike. Anyone want to join us?


Blogger Unknown said...

good luck with your open house! I would totally come roam around if it was a 14 hour drive.

10:23 AM  
Blogger Bethany said...

Hmm. Finger sized bugs with honey mustard, eh? Sounds... tasty.

Good luck with the open house, hope it goes well!

11:54 AM  

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