Thursday, February 11, 2010

Now that's a lot of snow

I can't go without commenting on the snow. Twenty two (officially at the airport, although I know some places had more) inches on Friday night into Saturday, and then another six to eight last night. Add to that winds of twenty five mph last night which drifted the additional three inches that fell today. Fun, right?

I've seen some big snow in my life. The winter after I graduated from high school there were 18 blizzards within the season, including two weeks of local schools called off in a row and one record-setting cold day where it hit negative 33 degrees. And then there was, "THE" blizzard of '77 where the snowfall wasn't just the story but the drifting snow. But even though I lived through those, this is the most snowfall I can remember. According to the folks that record that kind of stuff, Saturday's snowfall was the fourth hightest single-storm snowfall since 1870-something. Crazy.
This pic is of my old Volkswagen buried in snow. The snow had kind of melted by the time I took the picture. When I first saw it in the morning you couldn't see anything but the front of the hood.
In the afternoon I dug a walking path from the door to the driveway, and another one from that path to the woodpile. The drifting over the last couple nights has buried the main path and caused us to re-dig it outtwice. While it's annoying to repeat that task, and despite the fact that I hate winter, I'm finding this whole ordeal pretty sweet. It's really interesting to see the force of Mother Nature and people trying (and not-really winning) to beat it. It's cool to be alive during such an intense time.
Anyone else have stories or thoughts to share?


Blogger Kyle said...

Most snow Pittsburgh's ever seen in February. over 30" already. The city has been under a state of emergency since Saturday. The National Guard is here driving around in humvees.

On Saturday I shoveled the sidewalks in front of the PULSE house, helped 2 people dig out their cars (neglecting my own of course), shoveled the Union Project sidewalks along with my housemate Alex (we got paid for it), and helped build an igloo in our front yard. I was so sore Sunday morning I could barely move...

Since then, I've shoveled the sidewalks in front of our house 3 more times (other people have shoveled them too) and dug out 2 more cars (again, not my own... turns out someone else did that for me.

The most interesting thing I found about the snow here in Pittsburgh was that when the snow was so bad that everyone should have been trapped at home (and travel was essentially impossible) SO MANY people came outside and walked on the streets because the sidewalks were so covered. Everyone was so friendly too. It seems it has taken a natural disaster for us to finally meet our neighbors.

I do love that people have been so compassionate toward each other this week. There's a deli near our house that has temporarily offered delivery to elderly and disabled. A restaurant that is moving into the neighborhood offered free soup to whoever showed up yesterday. Left and right people are helping each other dig out and have offered a push when a car gets stuck. It's a beautiful thing!

11:58 PM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

I love that we got about 9-10 inches a few weeks back and that was THE snowfall of the season. ;p

I think it's funny that my brother moves from Colorado because he hates winter and ends up with a ton of snow in Virginia - he stopped and pushed/pulled 8 vehicles out of the snow on his way to work one day because he said no one knows how to drive in it there.

And I have vivid and fond memories of the (I think anywho) post graduation winter you were talking about.

We lived on the side of a large hill and couldn't get the vehicles up and down. My mom and I decided to ditch everyone and walk to the store for ice cream. (You know, the essentials!) Walking up the hill we kept slipping and sliding and the 1/2 gallon rounds kept falling out of the bags and we would have to go back to the bottom to get them and then start all over again. Great memory!

That was the same storm that my sister forgot to make sure someone was watching for her and slid right down the hill and fell-flew- about 100 feet down, landing on the road. The UPS guy got halfway up the hill and got out to walk and his truck took off back down without him - the look on his face was priceless...

Funny I remember so many stories from that short time period...would that have been about '94, '95?.

12:26 AM  
Blogger Dave and Betsy's Blog said...

It was pretty cold when I road my bike the other day. Other than that, not too much snow here.

But I love the stories, and I don't miss the snow. It's fun to visit, but I don't want to live with it.

6:29 AM  
Blogger Melissa Blair said...

Definitely one of the worst storms I have seen. We had about 10 inches last week and another 6 or so this week...and more expected on Sunday (although I think it won't be as bad). I also remember the blizzards we had in the mid 90's. Jeff and I had only been dating about 6 months or so. He walked to my house (Jeff did not drive until he was 22) on those frigid cold days to hang out, when we were out of school. I remember my mom being furious at him for being outside when it was so cold. I would love to see all of this snow come a bit earlier in the season - it has been so long since we have had a white Christmas here in southwest OH.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Kristen said...

I Love the snow! Auri and I have been making snow angels and snow men for a couple weeks now. Every time we go outside to go the the car or from the car to a building, she HAS to walk in the snow. She gets very upset if I'm in a hurry and she can't linger. Jackson on the other hand, likes catching flakes on his tongue, but isn't much for playing in it. He usually watches us from a window. His loss!! He also hasn't had a single snow day this year because their school doesn't have busses. He is probably the only school in Ohio that hasn't had a snow day! He doesn't know what he's missin! Once I get my pictures on a cd I'll post one of Auri, she hugs every snow man that we make. And is bound and determined to make an igloo. So fun!!!

Love You Guys!!!

1:42 PM  

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