Friday, February 05, 2010


I had a few thoughts in my head to blog about but nothing materialized worth attempting. So how 'bout an update?

- My four year old niece is finally home from the hospital and I am very excited to hear that news. Check out my sister's blog (Karin) to read about her horrible ordeal. (Not an ordeal that is over, but better for now.)

- My Mom told me my Dad's going through a rough spell with his health. I miss that guy.

- I got the first printed copy of my book in the mail last week. It was a format test to see if my layout worked and with the exception of one glitch it's pretty awesome. I also talked to the husband of my editor-lady and she should have her thoughts to me in a few weeks.

- "THE" party is at the end of this month and we are deep in the prep stages for it. We are uber-excited.

- Ell is back to school and we are back to seeing each other for mere minutes, two days a week. (I wish I was exaggerating.)

- I'm thinking about doing something about my waistline. Not a Friday Funny... I'm serious.

- Ell is doing a Mental-Assessment Clinical this semester. It's at a mental clinic, she doesn't have to wear her scrubs, and she gets to talk to crazies once a week. Very interesting scene.

- I'm getting re-licensed to sell securities. My first four-hour test is Monday. I'm not very prepared. Cram session this weekend, I guess.

- As I'm writing this we are getting that severe snow storm from the south. I only got here a little over an hour ago and there's already two inches covering what I had cleaned off. And it's much much worse in other areas. Should be a fun drive home in a truck.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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