Sunday, August 07, 2011

Hello, Perseid. How are you this year?

This coming weekend, August 11-13, the Perseid Meteor Shower will once again fill the skies with streaks of light and fire. And once again I'll be throwing a party for the spectacle. Last year's party was a dismal failure, partly for the clouds that filled the sky but more-so for the overall sadness about Ell's absence and the fact that she was a mere ten minutes away but living with another guy. Most people are over that sadness (I know I am) so this year should be better.

So if you're within eyesight of this blog, you're invited to join me for the party. A pre-party will be on Thursday night the 11th, but the main party is Friday night the 12th. It starts at 6:30pm with a cookout (I'll have all the drinks and tableware so bring your own meat/sidedishes/snacks,) and after it gets dark we'll light the bonfire and lay back to watch the stars. If you want to spend the night you're welcome to, and I'll have breakfast Saturday morning for anyone who stayed or comes back. Also, this is an all-ages party, so please bring the kids.

Hope to see you there.


Blogger Andrew said...

Hope it goes well. Will be thinking about you!

2:14 PM  
Blogger Chel said...

Sam- It sounds great- John and I will try to come, more likely on Fri rather than Thurs.


2:45 PM  
Anonymous E. Michael Kessler said...

Wow, I wish I could be there!

1:55 PM  

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