Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A cat story with relevance to current events, Pt. 3

Inside the getting-wetter-by-the-moment cardboard box, was a mass of gray fur. My sister Kristen tipped the box over and out walked a long haired gray cat. When I say long, I mean down to the floor long. I searched for the newspaper from the day before and re-read the ad. Sure enough, it said short-haired in bold print. This cat was not short-haired. But it was gray. (Which would end up being our only saving grace.) No matter the length of his hair, he was a friendly cat. He rubbed all over us, he let us hold him, he sat in our laps, and he even got along with my Mom's other cats. We were having so much fun we totally forgot about my parents until they walked in the front door.

We had completely neglected our chores, and there wasn't a spot of food prepared for dinner. (I know; the least of our worries.) As my parents walked up the three steps into our dining room, Kristen scooped up the cat and hid behind Karin and myself. Our neighbor/sister Ginny excused herself and ran home. (She may have been the smartest one of us all.) We were ready to present our Mom with her surprise. I went into a finely prepared speech about our love for our Mother and ended with a big, "Surprise!" Karin and I stepped aside to reveal Kristen holding our new gray cat.

A puzzled look crossed my Mom's face, and a scowl came down darkly on my Dad's. I tried to explain how we had acquired the cat, but my Dad grew more cross with every word. He grabbed the newspaper out of my hand and furiously dialed the phone. I don't remember much of what my Father said to those people, but it wasn't nice. "How could someone do something so stupid?" "Who gives a child a cat without talking to parents?" Etc. The people hung up on him. Even though they went into their bedroom to discuss what to do, my Dad and Mom may as well have stayed in the dining room because we heard every word they yelled. The three of us kids sat down dejected at the table, Kristen still holding the cat. Mom came out a few minutes later and told us how disappointed they were with us, but thanked us for the surprise. The one thing she didn't say was whether or not the cat was going to stay.

The story continues tomorrow...


Blogger 3rd string's finest said...

Ok, I'd be dissapointed in this for all of its appendages but......the mullet says I love it.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Zoooma said...

Similiar to Indiana Jones, Part IV wraps it all up? Or will this be a serial? In any case, you've done well in creating some suspense thus far...

6:49 AM  

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