Saturday, November 03, 2007

The big game, well not "THE" big game, but a big game none-the-less

My sister Karin has season tickets to Ohio State football. College football being somewhat of a religion in the heartland of America, imagine my surprise when she offered me two tickets to today's game. (She's done it before but not for a few years.) And the bonus part is I get to take my nephew Isaiah, her oldest, with me. Ohio State is ranked number 1 and in many eyes shouldn't be. And Wisconsin is their first real, and ranked, opponent of the season. So it should be a great game.

The shocking thing for some is that I'm actually a Michigan fan. So who am I rooting for? Ohio State of course. I want to see them walk into the game at Michigan in two weeks with over-inflated egos and get trounced by the Wolverines and watch their chance for a National Title go bye-bye. It'll be sweet. Well, I'm off to the game. I even broke out the only red shirt I own to make it look like I belong. Thanks Karin.


Blogger Zoooma said...

Bein' from north Jersey (where college football means essentially nothing) the phenomenon of college football is lost on me. It's difficult for me to get into, especially when Appalachian State beats Michigan and there are games that are 74-3 and 56-48. Just a weird slice of Americana I don't get. Give me the Bears anyday or world class QB's like Brett Favre... now that's a game!

But to each his own :)

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