Saturday, November 26, 2011


That's twice now I haven't posted during this grand month o' posting. I've now become the person I used to make fun of. How could anyone not post if they have the Internet in their house? Oh yeah, they fell asleep. ---insert embarassed emoticon---

Well, today I shall attempt to remedy my two failed days by posting three times in one day. It's barely after 5am and I'm wide awake, so why not start right now?!

Here's my plan for the day......
-Try to get a little more sleep, but probably just do some blog surfing
-Shower (I do not smell good)
-Go to work from 8-2
-Rush home to watch the rest of the Michigan/Ohio State game........... Go Wolverines!!!
-Intersperse some housework like dishes and laundry in between other football viewing
-Take my Lady out for dinner and a movie
-Come home to catch SNL and hope it's not a rerun
-Go to bed

I'm sure very little of that will actually happen, but it's good to have a list. Until later......... Peace.


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