Friday, November 18, 2011

Score one for me

Due to a major event that happened yesterday (which I'll post about this weekend) the Internet is down at my house. So I'm back at the coffee shop where all this blogging nonsense started. Ill probably be posting here for a couple days, so I might as well get used to it. But enough of that.... here's the real post for today.........

I did not enjoy being a student. Really. School was a drag when there was so much world out there that needed to be explored. So, in High School, when I found a teacher that not only grabbed my attention but kept it too, I was enthralled. She was an advanced Math teacher and was amazing at connecting with her students. The way she taught was intriguing to me which in turn made me learn so much better than I normally would have. That was until one day when our worlds' collided.

We were learning a new math process that was hard; really hard. But beyond being difficult to grasp, the path it took you down to get the answer was nonsensical and a ridiculous waste of time. After spending three or four days really trying to wrap my brain around it, I finally had to raise my hand and ask that question every Math teacher must dread: "What am I ever going to use this for in the real world?" You could physically see the blood rising in her eyes.

The next few minutes were very scary as this small-framed woman I had never once even seen annoyed was now yelling and screaming. It was a very surreal moment that is still one of the most intense moments I've ever had in my life. She finished her tirade with the following statement, "Find me in twenty years and tell me what you think about what you said." Well, today that happened.

I walked into the lobby to invite a customer the tellers had told me needed to renew a CD. To my surprise, it was my teacher. After we had taken care of business, I reminded her who I was and about that conversation. And then, with a smug smile on my face, informed her that the stupid Math she had been trying to teach me that day was a waste of my time and held no worth in my current existence as a Banker. She was truly shocked to see where I had ended up in life, but gracious with her apology. I thanked her for being a great teacher, but made sure she knew that following the rules and refusing to think outside the box wasn't always the best way to deal with kids. She agreed and we parted ways. It was a satisfying moment that I was glad I was able to check off my life list.

And so I don't ruin the trend of mentioning my Lady in every post this month........... I can't wait to tell her about the interaction. My Lady is extremely intelligent so I'm not sure she'll approve of me treating a teacher like that, but I know she'll smile at my little life-win.

Score one for Sam.


Blogger Brooke said...

Congrats on the victory. I am sure their are 1,000's of youth in high school asking and wondering the same question you did then.

Sam, I just had a chuckle. I finally reviewed my blog and approved your comment on my engagement LAST December. I forgot about your blogs and how much I enjoyed reading them. You have some good gems both gems of humor and gems that provoke thought. thanks

6:56 PM  

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