Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A cat story with relevance to current events, pt. 2

The next morning I was up early, having barely slept at all during the night. But despite the bags under my eyes and the ginourmous yawns, I couldn't stop smiling. My Dad had already left for work and my Mom was too busy getting ready to notice the devilishness in my face, so the coast was clear. That day of school was the longest day ever. As soon as the closing bell sounded, I started jogging but my adrenaline turned that into running the mile home. My sister's got home ten minutes later on the school bus and we all sat anxiously watching the driveway.

About a half hour before my parents were scheduled to get home, a beat up old brown station wagon with that gaudy 1980's fake wood on the doors, pulled into the driveway. My sisters screamed, I got really nervous. I made the girls go upstairs so that I could answer the door myself. I stood up as tall as I could, brushed back the overgrown business end of my mullet, and practiced speaking in my deepest voice. I waited for the knock of the "As for me and this house, we will serve the Lord" door-knocker, and opened the door. An overweight middle-aged woman, and a nervous twenty-but-looked-fifty-from-smoking-too-much-year old guy stood there staring at me. My standing up tall thing didn't matter, because I dwarfed both of them by at least six inches. My voice cracked as I asked, "Are you here for the cat?"

The woman looked at me kind of sideways, and asked if my parents were home. (Now she asks.) I told her the cat was a surprise for my Mom, but it was alright with my Dad. I'd never asked my Dad, but it was the first thing that popped into my head to convince this lady to hand over the feline. She didn't question my answer and handed me a cardboard box. The box was shaking and it was wet on the bottom, but I was too excited to notice. I thanked the creepy couple, and closed the door in their face. My sister's watched from the window until the car had pulled out and drove away. Then we all huddled around the box sitting in the middle of the dining room floor. My sister Kristen gingerly pulled the tape off the lid (yes, it was sealed with tape and no hair holes) and pulled open the cardboard flaps. In one motion, all our heads leaned in to see our surprise.

The story continues tomorrow...


Blogger Andrew said...

Oh your killing me, just killing me.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Dan Newlin said...

Sam! This is torture! Just post the whole story!

4:16 PM  
Blogger lyndsay said...

hahha awww sam baby sam and his mullet

12:43 PM  

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