Saturday, January 15, 2011

Next Blog

After doing some house cleaning, I got cozy under a blanket in my Lay-Z-Boy to do some blog surfing. For a half hour I dealt with the anger/annoyance/sadness that almost two thirds of my blogroll aren't active anymore, but then decided I didn't want tonight's evening in the blogosphere to end as a negative feeling. To turn things around I remembered something I used to do when I was new to blogging..... the simple act of, "Next Blog".

Unless you use Wordpress or your own custom template, everybody has a link at the top of their Blogger page called, Next Blog. Clicking on it takes you, completely random, to someone else's blog. It's never the same blog and there's no way to refine your search; you really are taking a chance at what you'll find. In the past I've found gaming sites, cooking blogs, family picture albums, prayer groups, book reviews, soft core porn, and on and on and on, and often not in English. It truly is an exciting way to surf the blogosphere but something I haven't done in years.

So tonight I clicked on, Next Blog, and for the first time I can remember I found five identical blogs, one after the other. Every one of them was written by a lady and every one of them fit into the following categories... 1) Mother, 2) two kids, 3) Christian, 4) American, 5) white. It was if I'd asked for a specific type of blog, which, like I said, isn't possible. Which raised the question, with the slow death of the blogosphere in mind, did I just get lucky finding the same kind of blog or is that specific demographic the only people still blogging? Makes one think.


Anonymous Rob said...

I know this doesn't really count, but i've been thinking about blogging again one of these days. We shall see...

12:06 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

hmmm. interesting. well, i'm only supporting those demographics by blogging. but... i always get the whack blogs when i hit next blog ;)

8:01 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Shhh...don't say anything (LOL) but Mike is working on a blog again. I think we need to start a bog revival!

And I don't think you are wrong on your demographic recognition. I think maybe it has to do with many stay at home mom's finding blogging a great way of feeling less crazy. At least it does for me! :)

11:07 AM  

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