Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Road Trip and Space Dust

Saturday night, Ell and I will drive eight hours to Chicago. Pearl Jam's only show in the U.S. this year is headlining and closing the three day music festival, Lallapalooza. Because of work we're only going Sunday, but it will still be awesome. I love music festivals, and this promises to be a great one. After the Pearl Jam show Sunday night, we'll then drive six more hours north into the great state of Minnesota to spend the week with Andrew and Lyndsay. Ell and I both need a vacation really bad. And we both miss Andrew and Lyndsay really bad too. As usually happens with vacations, our time with them will be too short, but it'll be good.

If you were a reader of Eleven around this time last year, you may remember me talking about the Perseid meteor shower. The peak of activity is the night of August 11th into the morning of the 12th. Included in that may be the rare sighting of the Aurora Borealis and the visible definition of the Milky Way. Pretty cool stuff. Also, the moon will be in the "new" phase so it'll be plenty dark enough to see a lot of shooting stars. (If the Northern Ohio cloudy sky cooperates.)

As we've done for 10 years, Ell and I will be having a party to watch the stars. Since we'll be gone all next week and may not have computer access, I wanted to take this opportunity to invite all of you to join us. We aren't doing anything big because of the trip, but all of you are welcome to come. It will be bring-your-own whatever you want. Food, drink, tent, whatever. You want it, you bring it. We'll provide a backyard, a bonfire, a bathroom, and good time. If you are within eyesight of this blog, you're invited. I won't be posting directions, so make the calls you need to make to get yourself there. Don't let work or plans or hours deter you from coming either. We'll be up all night until at least 4am. So stop by. (Come early if you want to see the garden, Kim.) Hope all of you can make it.


Blogger Andrew said...

really looking forward to you gus coming out. We miss you really bad. That party is going be a lot of fun. How old will you be?

11:56 AM  
Blogger Zoooma said...

I was gonna swing on by but the drive down from Alaska woulda been a little long...

What are ya gonna do when you're on the A.T.? Have your annual party streak come to a halt? Well, you can at least maybe have your wife meet you wherever you're at on the AT, in whatever trail town is closest, and while not a party, per say, you can still enjoy the show together.

Or just do what I'm gonna do -- hike through Fall and Winter and that'll leave you free to have another party before you hit the trail.

12:34 PM  

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