Sunday, August 15, 2010


I thought the comments made on my last post deserved a response.

The one thing I didn't want the post to be about was that I hate facebook or twitter or any of the other sites; I don't. And it was refreshing to read those of you who got that part of what I was trying to convey. Life is busy, life is hard, life is short....... and blogging can sure be a time waster that FB, etc. is not. I'm just sad -- even if it's a selfish sad -- that people don't choose to make time in their busy lives for blogging. While I can never ask anyone to rearrange their priority list to read like mine, I see it as a cultural loss that people don't want to engage in the deeper, more intellectual interactions that I expect blogging to represent. And yet even writing that sentence I realize I'm asking for the one thing I just stated I could never ask for. Quite the internal conflict.

So thank you all who commented, and thank you to all who read without commenting. I'm not sure how I feel going forward about Eleven's future, but I know I'm not ready to come back full force. As some of you know, my life is horribly upside-down right now, and my emotions aren't in a place that allows for anything that resembles good writing. But I'll be back sometime. I promise.

Until then.........